Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Irvine
Wood Patio Covers&Pergolas&Pergolas Irvine.
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Hire a licensed Irvine Contractor for your own good.

• Take the Time to Ask to see The License Number and Worker’s Comp Cert!
• If they can’t produce it, send them on their way.

Here’s Why:

• Power Saws: Using Power saws while standing on step ladders and precariously balancing on beams is extremely dangerous! This is what I worry about most! We have ongoing safety meetings on this scenario over and over.
• Lifting Heavy Beams: Everyone knows lifting too much is hazardous.
Most people do not realize how heavy these beams are. Irvine Patio Cover/Pergola Carpenters have a tenancy to overdo it here. These guys have to carry these beams from the truck to the backyard where the Patio Cover/Pergola is being crafted. We have material lifts and dollies to assist in the process and reduce accidents and risk.

For more info on job risks and our safety techniques, see our page on PATIO COVER/PERGOLA CONSTRUCTION SAFETY.

• What is your recourse if things don’t go as you expected, injury or other?
• Who do you call?
• No Contractor's State License Board can help you. • No contractor’s Bond can help you.
• What if they don’t finish the job and won’t return your calls?
• Just because a friend or neighbor recommended an unlicensed individual posing as a contractor doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same experience.
• What if there's' an injury that did not occur on your friend’s property. It doesn’t mean that it won’t happen on yours.

• Many times, unlicensed individuals in Irvine are more expensive or equal to the legal licensed contractors.
• In fact, it’s very common. Get estimates from both and you’ll see.

• I think most Irvine homowners would say no.
• Depending on your perspective, most people would say that is not fair to the hard-working licensed contractors who are legally trying to make a living and feed their families. (Remember pricing is competitive between lagitimate contractors and posers.)
• Maybe sometimes it’s worth paying a little more to do the right thing?

Hire a licensed Contractor for your own good. Not doing so puts you the consumer at legitimate risk.