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Wood Patio Covers&Pergolas&Pergolas Irvine.
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Patio Covers banner-1 Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas in Irvine Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas in Irvine Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas in Irvine Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas in Irvine Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas in Irvine Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas in Irvine Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas in Irvine Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas in Irvine Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas in Irvine Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas in Irvine Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas in Irvine Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas in Irvine

Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Irvine

What Ever Style You Choose, Our Attention To Detail Is Unsurpassed.

Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas Irvine

This Is Not Your Average Irvine Patio Cover Craftsmanship.

Blue Knight Pergola/Patio Cover systems are engineered with the correct balance of function and esthetics as (defined by us). We Are innovators, not followers.

Dry rot, Termites and premature weathering are most often the result of poor design, and weather proofing techniques.

Common Causes are the horizontal surfaces not being properly treated or shielded. Common interior framing techniques should not be used on exterior projects.

Patio Cover and Pergola Images Irvine






Patio Cover and Pergola Images Irvine

Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Irvine


At almost four decades, Blue Knight holds the distinction as one of the longest in business of all Irvine Pergola/Patio Cover contractors (Est. in 1984), our license numbers prove it, CSLB #B - 452151 (General and Framing).

Not Just Another Irvine Pergola/Patio Cover Contractor.
Blue Knight Construction, established in 1984, has helped refine the industry standards and techniques throughout Irvine for four decades.

There are other good Pergola/Patio Cover contractors in Irvine with good intentions, some of whom do a fine job, but often many fall short. You've heard the stories. Part of the problem is a lack of understanding of exterior weather proofing techniques. We are not all the same. If a contractor is following the standard interior framing techniques, he is failing you. The national and local Irvine guidelines for Pergolas, Patio Covers and exterior carpentry in general, have many flaws in them.

At Blue Knight Construction, Irvine, we exceed national and local standards by far. We practice higher standards (as defined by us), from our engineering background and many years of accurately interpreting the causes of dry rot, termites and premature weathering. We Truly Set The Bar...

Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas Irvine

Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Irvine



It's not unusual for an exterior wood structure such as a Patio Cover to last 30 years or more if is was constructed using proper exterior framing techniques as opposed to interior framing techniques. That said, many Pergola/Patio Covers were constructed using the latter. Unfortunately, that is why they sometimes develop Dry Rot and Termite problems.

• We at Blue Knight Construction Irvine, have developed the right techniques . The only maintenance you should expect is paint (8-10 years).

• You can't beat the look and feel! A Wood Pergola or Patio Cover can easily last 30 to 40 years with very little maintenance and proper weather proofing techniques. Wood provides a warm authentic ambience that fake wood aluminum just can't give you.

• Continuity & Property Value: Your Irvine home is built of wood and has exposed wood trim and fascia board. A continuation of same or similar materials and textures throughout your home promotes a balanced uniformity and supports high property values.

• Expense: A wood Pergola/ Patio Cover is about 25% higher that aluminum and especially if it is crafted properly.

• Maintenance and Longevity: Wood Pergola/Patio Covers require periodic painting (top only) every 10 years or so, and can last about 30 to 40 years. However, if our unique waterproofing techniques are used, maintenance is greatly reduced. We pre-paint all lumber including saw cuts prior to installation, so there's never a wood on wood connection which will cause water to permeate into the wood.

• High Wind Areas:  Wood out performs Aluminum which is much lighter.

Patio Cover and Pergola Images Irvine


Our Orange County Patio Covers Pergolas unrivaled Nation Wide.

• Reduces Home Marketability & Value.
• Unsightly Rivets & Seems.
• Looks & Feels like Metal not Wood.
• Easily Dented & Scratched.
• Not "Maintenance Free"
• Oxidizes over time.

• What About Property Value? Not everyone likes the look and feel of a metal structure in their backyard. A good realtor might advise you not to install an Aluminum Patio Cover or Pergola because it will definitely reduce the market pool of home buyers and therefore reducing your home's value.

Aluminum does need painted eventually, therefore it's not completely "Maintenance Free". It will eventually get a chalky unsightly patina, like a car finish without proper attention. What's worse is that the chalky patina needs to be completely removed with sand paper before re-painting. If preparation is not done correctly, the new paint will tend to peel.

Many homeowners are not happy when they decide to go with this material. A common statement I hear is "It looked good in the brochure but after it was installed, I was very disappointed. It looks and feels cheap." To many homeowners, Aluminum Pergolas and Patio Covers have the ambiance of a gas station roof. I agree, and for that reason we do not work with them.

Patio Cover and Pergola Images Irvine

SUMMING UP Wood vs. Metal:

• Aluminum is more weather resistant but most people don't think it's worth the trade off aesthetically.
• Real Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas are preferred by most Irvine Homeowners, and can be constructed to last 30 to 40 years with very little maintenance.

Decks and Balconies Irvine

Decks and Balconies Irvine


There's more to it than just quality deck boards.

Decks and Balconies, The Deck joists are the most important.

Many Irvine homeowners and contractors alike think it's all in the quailiy of the Deck boards.
The Support Joists underneath the deck boards are the real concern!

Protecting the tops of the Joists by installing metal coping will keep the Joists Dry and free from Rot and Termites indefinitely.

Decks and Balconies Irvine

Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Irvine


Meet Gio AKA Wood Warrior.
One of the secrets to a quality product is craftsmen who love what they do.

Master Patio Cover Craftsman, Gio.

Giovanni P. "Gio"
Crew leader, Project Manager and Master Carpenter. The best around!

On a personal level, all who know him, know that he is honest, accountable, reliable, humble, capable, and just a nice guy.

He is extremely honest, I/You can count on him!

He specializes in Patio Cover Construction and Repair, Dry Rot Repair, Exterior Gates.

He thinks things through and goes the extra mile just because... When in doubt, he sends me pictures and we discuss it on the phone.

He loves and take's great pride in his work! He is a true Master Carpenter!

Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas Irvine

Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Irvine


The California Contractors State License Law and the city of Irvine, requires contractors to display their license number prominently along with all advertising. A wise patio cover consumer should make note of the contractor's license number and check it with the Contractors State License Board, for the following: Date issued, Insurance, employees, Disciplinary actions, etc... A very important bit of data is how long they've in business under that particular license number. No excuses should be accepted like "we were in business under another number before". The current License number is the only one relevant to you.

Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas Irvine

Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Irvine


We are one of the the longest in business of all Pergola/Patio Cover contractors in Irvine as evidenced by our license number (452151). We provide the best quality and use the most modern and innovative exterior construction techniques throughout Irvine.

Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas Irvine

Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Irvine


CONSUMER TIP 1: The Lower The Lic Number, The Longer In Business.

Check Our Lic. 452151 at

CONSUMER TIP 2: Beware of improperly licensed contractors on Yelp, AngiesList, Facebook and Nextdoor! With popularity of these forums, Contractor fraud is prevalent. By my estimation, 25-40% of these profiles here are from improperly licensed companies or individuals, illegally providing Pergola/Patio Cover services, which promotes poor workmanship and puts the customer at risk.

Hire a licensed Irvine contractor with a class B or C5 license. You should always check their license either by company name or by their license number. If you have any question about a licensee or his claims, you may call me at 949 540 9616. For More information on contractor license classes, please the above link to the CSLB.

Patio Cover and Pergola Images Irvine

Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Irvine


Lic. 452151, Blue Knight Construction, 1984

orange county patio covers, cslb Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas & Pergolas Irvine, Workers Comp Cert.

Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas Irvine

Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Irvine


In California, the terms of all home improvement projects over $500 (combined material and labor costs) must be in a contract and include specific information about your consumer rights and responsibilities.

What is a Home Improvement Contract and When Do I Need One?

A home improvement contract is an agreement between a contractor and a Irvine property owner or between a contractor and a tenant, and includes in its description all labor, services, and materials to be furnished and performed. A home improvement contract also can mean an agreement between a salesperson (home improvement salesperson) and property/home owner or tenant. (Business and Professions Code section 7151.2) This contract is the most important communication tool between you and your contractor; it should identify all project expectations to help avoid misunderstandings.